Thursday, March 19, 2009

CASA members and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

In this picture you see Yajaira Tauber (in red) behind Speaker of the House. Yajaira was able to handed to Pelosi a CASA folder containing photos and testimonies against the border wall.

CASEROs got to see Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi give a talk during the 13th Mexico/US Congressional Conference. Pelosi was keynote speaker for the event. In her speech, she mentioned that a comprehensive immigration reform is needed and is needed soon. Speaker of the House stated that with Presided Obama, this is the first time, in a very long time, that there is a great possibility that am immigration reform will be enacted. It needs to be a reform that will provide secure borders, protection for workers, and family re-unification. She condemned ICE policies and practices of raids which separates families. “We need to stop this kind of raids, it is not the American way, and this must stop” stated Pelosi. The Speaker of the House mentioned hat for her it is very important to protect our borders, but this has to be done without disturbing border communities; “because immigrant community, specially from Mexico, whether they came centuries ago, or days ago, they have make America more America”, concluded Pelosi.

During the Conference, CASA Members also approached Congressmen Henry Cuellar who stated that a mile of technology along the US/Mexico border that will cost approximately $1.5 md is as efficient as a $7.5 md border wall.

CASEROs also met with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee from the Texas 18th District a big supporter of comprehensive immigration reform that will provide a path to citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants who live in the shadows. After meeting with CASA, before the conference, Congresswoman Jackson Lee quoted the group during her presentation at the 13th Congressional Border Issues conference

CASEROs also met with Fabiola Rodriguez, Congressmen Xavier Becerra’s Communications Director, Senators Kennedys Aid who was very engaging in the conversation when CASA members presented her pictures and testimonies related to the Border Wall.

During the conference, decision-makers from both sides of the US/Mexico border meet and discussed common issues such as economic outlook and infrastructure modernization, US & Mexico Security Cooperation labor mobility and immigration reform.

CASEROs also visited offices of Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Senator Kay B. Hutchinson.

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Fortifying the Border

Fortifying the Border