Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unidos Contra El Muro in Front of White House

CASA members spend the last day raising awareness by sharing photos and testimonies from the Valley. The Border wall is an issue that though is of National impact, not everyone knows about it. The group went to the front of the White House and hold a protest against the border wall. Elizabeth did her piece of non-violent direct action civil disobedience and posted a no border wall sticker on the fence of the White House for what she was interrogated and asked for personal information, What is your organization, CASA I responder proudly, do you have a phone # to contact you? (at this point I asked the officer why h e wants this information from me) He just told me he needed to send some information to the people who were looking at us from the inside. So I did, your name? No al Muro!! He looked at me for a few seconds, and then he asked me, can you spell that for me, please!!!i offered him a No Border wall sticker but he wouldn’t take it! How long would you be here, for about 5 more minutes, he gets his radio, and said: “negative”…

While there, CASA members were joined by students from Russia, and Virginia who learned about the border wall and offered us their support and promised to pass the word around in their communities.

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Fortifying the Border

Fortifying the Border