Friday, March 13, 2009

Delegation to DC

CASA members continue united against the border wall, and during spring break, CASEROS will embark in a trip to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to challenge the consciences of our elected officials, and policymakers. As members of CASA, we want to make sure that our elected officials hear our position against the border wall. There is a tremendous lack of political representation in our area, CASA members feel that our elected officials are not advocating for the interest of their constituents. They have heard the voices of the people who are opposing the border wall, but they have fail to listen to the concerns of the citizens

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San Juan said...

The wall is to stop illegal immigrants. It is more than half complete. Mexico has a wall to keep out illegal central americans. What is wrong with a wall with ports of entry for legal immugrants unless your agenda is mexicans re-occupying land lost in 1848.
sorry but you spanish slaughtered the native peoples of mexico. When you give your land back to them we will join you and give them arizona texas etc. Down with la raza, justice for native peoples.

Fortifying the Border

Fortifying the Border