Sunday, March 15, 2009

The border wall, a despicable act of terror

Today, I went to El Calaboz, a little town about 10 minutes west of Brownsville. I went there after I learned from my friend Eloisa Tamez, that DHS had already begun the construction of the fence on both sides of her land.
Eloisa is in a legal battle with DHS, because she refuses to let them survey her land and take it away to build the wall that will go right on her backyard.
So, it was cold, (and I am always cold) but I also needed some pictures to share with the people we will be visiting in DC. So, I left home, hoping I will get some good lighting, to get some good pictures. I got there, and I was devastated by what was in front of my eyes. The first thing that my body felt was tension, then I got sadden, and depress, and then I got angry. I went right to the fence and touch it, and by doing so, I was able to feel the evil behind it. This wall is a crime against humanity; it is a despicable act of terror in our own backyards.
This wall is a clear failure of the Bush administration to sponsor a just immigration reform. It is a legacy of the horrible policies that Bush promoted during his presidency.
While I was there, I prayed, I prayed that the new administration will bring light into this darkness. I prayed that Obama will be wise and strong enough to stand against the border wall.
Here are a few pictures of the 18ft tall border fence.

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Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I pray with you. I believe there should be no wall and that the wall shall be taken down as soon as possible.

Fortifying the Border

Fortifying the Border